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End of Year

End of Year As did most of the world, we too here at Evashavik Law, LLC struggled through another year of the COVID Pandemic.  We juggled working remotely, handled court matters virtually and navigated through an entirely new way of practicing law and living our lives.

Over the past year we grieved the losses of clients, friends, family and our beloved senior partner, Gerry Evashavik.

With our personal and professional experience, Evashavik Law is uniquely qualified to help you through not only the probate system when you suffer the loss of a loved one, but also as you consider your own estate plans and prepare planning documents.

We follow all recommended COVID safety protocols to be able to offer in-person appointments, but can also provide the option of virtual appointments as well.

While scientists worldwide work to bring an end to this pandemic, we will work together towards a better, healthier and kinder 2022.

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