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Our probate attorneys in Pittsburgh have provided trusted legal advice for estate & probate administration, probate litigation, living trusts, guardianships, wills, and powers of attorney since 1930.

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Settling the estate of a parent is very emotional. I appreciate your caring manner during the whole process. Being out of state I had many questions and you always got back to me very quickly. I felt like you treated me like family and it was much appreciated.
M. Kelley
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The loss of a loved one is always a difficult and emotional time, and the estate administration and probate process may seem difficult and intimidating. That is where our experienced attorneys can assist you.

 For more than five decades, our attorneys have been guiding executors and performing estate administration and probate work. We have handled more than 1,000 estates and have experience in all estate-related matters and issues, making our lawyers some of the most trusted probate attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA.

Inheritance Tax

Pennsylvania is one of only six states that assess an inheritance tax on the assets of a deceased individual. The inheritance tax rate varies depending on the relationship of the decedent to the heir. The only exemption from inheritance tax is for a minor child inheriting from a parent or when an individual inherits assets from a spouse. All other individuals who inherit from an estate, including adult children, are obligated to pay inheritance tax.

At Evashavik Law, LLC, we have extensive experience helping individuals and families prepare and draft estate planning documents. We have exceptional expertise in minimizing the tax owed by a decedent’s estate during the probate process and the preparation of the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return. We are here to help you take full advantage of all available laws and planning tools to help your heirs avoid paying inheritance tax.


Whether you’re looking to prepare your own will or need assistance determining a plan after the passing of a loved one, our team of experts in probate and estate administration law in Pittsburgh can help you navigate the difficult process of handling an estate or planning for your estate.

When a person dies and he or she has a will, the will has to be admitted to probate at the Register of Wills Office. We can help you review the will in order to have it properly admitted for probate.

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If an individual dies without a will, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dictate who the heirs will be. However, the next of kin has the right to petition the court to open an estate. That’s where our attorneys can help.

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Our probate attorneys in Pittsburgh have been regularly helping clients plan and draft wills for more than 80 years. It is important to have a will in place so that your wishes and your heirs are protected. Without a will, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dictate to whom your assets will pass when you die and who your beneficiaries will be.

The planning for and preparation of a will is typically a simple process. We begin by scheduling a free phone consultation. Depending on the needs and requirements of your unique will, the typical charge for the preparation and completion of a will is minimal.

Life Insurance/Pensions & Bank Accounts

In drafting wills, we have found that many people do not realize that there are assets they own that pass to heirs or beneficiaries outside of the terms of the will. This is most common when an asset or investment has a designated named beneficiary. In such a case, for example life insurance proceeds and/or pension, benefits will be paid directly to the beneficiary regardless of what is stated in the will.

Similarly, bank accounts may have a designated option known as “transfer on death” or “payable on death” which dictates to whom the full ownership of that account passes upon the death of the account owner. This transfer will automatically be made by the banking institution at the time of death regardless of what the will states. 

In estate planning and will preparation, it is important to understand what assets will pass under the terms of the will and what assets will pass outside of the will. We are very knowledgeable with these issues and we can advise you and make recommendations regarding your estate planning needs. Depending on how these assets are titled and which assets are in the form of life insurance, there are ways to avoid inheritance tax in part or completely.  Let us help you with your estate planning needs and the elimination or reduction of future inheritance tax obligations.


When a person with assets in their name passes away with or without a will, it is necessary to go through the probate process in order to transfer ownership to the heirs of the deceased. Our law firm has been helping families navigate this process for more than 80 years.

With our vast experience navigating the probate process, we know how to minimize the expenses and fees. There are court costs involved in opening an estate and proceeding through the probate process. We will explain those costs to you and advise you on the best way to minimize your time and expense during the process.

Our attorney fee for representing individuals and families during the probate process is generally based on the size of the probate estate. From the start, we will explain how our fee is calculated so there is no uncertainty regarding what you can expect to be charged and no fear of unexpected, heavy billable hours. We will explain and ensure that you understand exactly what fees and costs you are facing from the outset so that there will be no surprises. Because of our experience, we can help you work through the process in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible.


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