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Involved in a civil lawsuit? Turn to a trusted Personal Injury lawyer in Pittsburgh.

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Civil Litigation/Personal Injury

Whether you are a victim of an accident or have been sued as a defendant in a civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the legal help you need.

Over the last 50 years, civil trial work has been a primary practice at our law firm. We have extensive courtroom experience and a reputation of being skilled and experienced in the courtroom whether before a judge or a jury.

Why Choose Us as Your Pittsburgh Trial Lawyer?

As practiced personal injury lawyers in Pittsburgh, we thoroughly understand the rules of civil procedure and the tactics of litigation that enhance the probability of a positive outcome. As a result of our experience and knowledge of litigation we are able to resolve personal injury claims and civil lawsuits efficiently and successfully.

We typically achieve settlements early without the need to endure an expensive litigation process. We understand how to negotiate a good settlement and obtain an early resolution for you while minimizing the costs and fees involved in the process.

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